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Complete Brine Production & Handling Systems

Complete Brine Production & Handling Systems

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For over 16 years, BARR has been a leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of complete, high output salt brine solution production and handling systems for roadway de-icing and other applications.

Our corrosion-resistant systems commonly include a spill containment housing surrounding  a high capacity, easy to operate brine maker, bulk storage tanks for the finished brine solution, a high-flow brine-specific pumping system and all the necessary plumbing to connect all the components together and fill the tanker trucks.

We are always improving upon our design, working regularly with municipal operation crews and others who use our systems to understand common needs and performance ratings across a vast range of industries.

Our custom manufactured brine handling products are the most cost-effective, efficiently designed and safe to operate systems out there. Call one of our experts today to take control of all aspects of your roadway liquid de-icing program.

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