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Clear PVC Vinyl Tubing

Clear PVC Vinyl Tubing at BARR Plastics, In Abbotsford, BC

Clear PVC Vinyl Tubing

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  • NL5430 is an economical tubing used for low pressure transfer or draining of water (including potable), juices, beer, wine, soft drinks, air, laboratory tubing, or to transfer soaps, mild chemicals, and acids.
  • Not designed for petroleum.
  • Light, smooth, crystal clear tubing that allows full view of the materials being conveyed.
  • Non-toxic and self-extinguishing.
  • Temperature Range: -4°C (+25°F) to +65°C (150°F).
  • Construction: Smooth, crystal clear, food grade approved vinyl tubing.
  • Typical Fittings: "Barbed" fittings are recommended on this tubing due to its softer wall, N62/64 gear clamps, NSNP quick snap clamps; 'Push-In' tube fittings or compression fittings can be used, but it is highly recommended they are used in conjunction with "soft-tube" inserts.
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