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Clear PVC Suction & Transfer Hose  W/ Spiral

Clear PVC Suction / Transfer Hose at BARR Plastics

Clear PVC Suction & Transfer Hose W/ Spiral

Web Id: NL-2115
  • NL2115 is a standard general purpose PVC suction and discharge hose that is commonly seen on pumps across many industries (not for food grade transfer).
  • Non-marking, lightweight, mild abrasion and chemical resistant
    hose that's easy to handle and is typically used in lighter duty applications.
  • The clear aspect of NL2115 permits excellent visibility, and its smooth
    exterior and interior allow for maximum flow of products.
  • Not recommended for transferring fuels and is also not FDA approved for potable
    water (Contact BARR for recommendations on FDA approved hose for Food & Beverage handling).
  • Available in sizes:  3/4"  to  6" inside diameter
  • Temperature Range: -24°C (-10°F) to +54°C (130°F).
    Construction: Tube: Smooth PVC. Cover: Smooth PVC. Reinforcement: Rigid, white PVC helix.
    Typical Fittings: Camlocks, N10 combination nipples, short shanks, strainers, pinch clamps, various bolt clamps.
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