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Centrifugal Fine Rainwater Filters

Centrifugal Fine Rainwater Filters

Centrifugal Fine Rainwater Filters

Web Id: 202008 / 202063

Take fine filtration to a new level with our Centrifugal Fine Rainwater Filters.

The unique fine filtration system delivers extremely clean rainwater, protecting sensitive components of your rainwater system such as pump and valves. Equipped with a cylinder steel mesh filter, entering rainwater is optimally drawn through the vertical mesh walls by adhesion, yielding 90% of water received. Remaining water rinses dirt particles away into the storm drain.

Self- cleaning capabilities heavily reduce maintenance needed on this filter and filter basket can be easily removed and cleaned. Unit can also rotate at two sections for adaptability.

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Part # / ModelCoverage Area (m2)Loading RatingMax. Water Inflow Rate (l/s)
202008 / WFF 100200DIN 1072 / SLW 304.2
202063 / WFF 150500DIN 1072 / SLW 3012.8

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