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Catch Basin Filters

Catch Basin Filters at BARR Plastics

Catch Basin Filters

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Protect your storm drains and catch basins with our Catch Basin Filters. They are equipped with an oil-absorbent media in a screened bag, providing a sure way to catch oil and sediment headed into storm drains and sewers and guarding against any potential discharge. Its 300 GPM overflow rate helps avoid ponding. The filter requires no special tools to install and it fits any rectangular catch basin up to 24" x 36" and round basins up to 24" x 26". Custom sizes are available.

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Part #Description
ENP-22-4340Sediment Only, Round Storm Sentinel
ENP-22-4341Sediment Only, Rectangular Storm Sentinel
<ENP-IE0077Non-leaching Hydrocarbon Packet
ENP-22-4340-IBSediment & Oil, Round Storm Sentinel
ENP-22-4341-IBSediment & Oil, Rectangular Storm Sentinel

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