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Canplas Grease Interceptor (GI) Systems

Canplas Grease Interceptor (GI) Systems at BARR Plastics

Canplas Grease Interceptor (GI) Systems

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This grease separation unit serves as a compact, durable and user-friendly solution for restaurants and many other applications. The injection molded one-piece tank eliminates seams and potential leaking and can be installed in-floor, on-floor or semi-recessed also included are a flow control and an air intake unit. It is connected using mechanical joint couplings, allowing for use of various piping materials. Lightweight and strong, they weight up to 60% less than directly equivalent metal competitors, offering ease of installation, transport and storage. Plus, it will support up to 440 lbs or pedestrian and light duty traffic and can withstand continuous discharge at 104 degress Celsius.

For system dimensions please refer to diagrams included in the literature package below.

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Grease Interceptors:

Flow Rate Capacity
Part Number Connection Size (in)
Gallons / Min
Litres / Min

Inline Drain Strainers:

Part #MaterialDescription
393243AABSInline Drain Strainer - ABS
393243AWPVCInline Drain Strainer - PVC