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Collapsible Caliber Medium Duty IBC

Caliber - Medium Duty Collapsible Storage Bins at BARR Plastics

Collapsible Caliber Medium Duty IBC

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Never compromise on durability or flexibility with a collapsible bulk container!

These bins are appropriate for a wide variety of materials and fluids and are capable of tolerating temperatures from 0° - 140° F (-17.8° to 60° C). This makes them perfect for pressure filling, hot filling, outdoor storage, or rail transport.

The construction of these containers make them particularly sanitary; rounded corners and smooth inner walls allow for quick and thorough cleaning. The unique lid attachment secures in eight locations to prevent tampering or leaking. When bins are collapsed, lids stack easily with the bins for compact storage; bins can be stacked up to five units high.

BD after the part number = Bottom Discharge and TD after the part number = Top Discharge

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Part # Capacity Width (in) Length (in) Height (in) Description
USG IG LTR Weight(lbs)
BZ4844470 (TD)315262119222544.748.648Collapsible Bin
BZ484447V (BD)315262119222544.748.648Collapsible Bin
BZ4844440 (TD)295246111722544.748.645.6Collapsible Bin
BZ484444V (BD)295246111722544.748.645.6Collapsible Bin
BZ4844410 (TD)267222101120544.748.641.9Collapsible Bin
BZ484441V (BD)267222101120544.748.641.9Collapsible Bin

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