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Collapsible Caliber Medium Duty IBC

Caliber - Medium Duty Collapsible Storage Bins at BARR Plastics

Collapsible Caliber Medium Duty IBC

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Designed to withstand tough demands, this collapsible bin can handle different fluids under varying conditions and can also be used for dry products, such as powders, granulate and flakes. Its durable construction tolerates temperature ranges from 0° to 140° F (-17.8° to 60° C). It is compatible with form-fit and pillow-style liners – sterile or non-sterile styles-- depending on your application. The contoured, channeled lid has smooth surfaces and rounded corners. The bin's smooth interior also allows for easy cleaning.

These bins are able to collapse and stack with lids separately. Secure, efficient stacking is possible up to five high with interlocking lid and base. Set up and collapse are simple with one person. The Caliber IBC is reusable, clean and cost effective throughout the entire handling process. Choose from top and bottom discharge versions.

BD after the part number = Bottom Discharge and TD after the part number = Top Discharge

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Part # Capacity Width (in) Length (in) Height (in) Description
USG IG LTR Weight(lbs)
BZ4844470 (TD)315262119222544.748.648Collapsible Bin
BZ484447V (BD)315262119222544.748.648Collapsible Bin
BZ4844440 (TD)295246111722544.748.645.6Collapsible Bin
BZ484444V (BD)295246111722544.748.645.6Collapsible Bin
BZ4844410 (TD)267222101120544.748.641.9Collapsible Bin
BZ484441V (BD)267222101120544.748.641.9Collapsible Bin

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