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Snyder Bulk Wine Barrels

Snyder Bulk Wine Barrels at BARR Plastics

Snyder Bulk Wine Barrels

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Say goodbye to corrosion-prone wood and hello to the next generation of winemaking & wine-aging barrels. The unique proprietary design of these poly barrels is virtually impermeable to water and alcohol vapour, which eliminates leaking. Plus, their seamless one-piece interior construction is much easier to clean and sanitize than wood barrels.Want to save money? These bulk barrels provide superior wine maturation at half the acquisition cost of oak barrels with an indefinite useful life, and greater storage capacity per square foot. They're easily and more safely handled than wooden barrels; stackable with a forklift and pallet jack. With BARR's help, your bulk barrel can be customized exactly as you need, with fittings available in 1 1/2", 2" and 3" sizes, sanitary valves, closures and gaskets all available upon request.

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Capacity Part # / DrawingDia./ Width (in) Length (in) Height (in) Lid/Fill Opening
Fitting Weight (lbs)
USG IG LTR Premium Weight 1.5-1.7 SG Heavy Weight 1.9 SG
24020090868200532B97201N/A46465420" Sanitary lid w/ 2" bungSEE ABOVE FOR SIZE OPTIONS242
30025011366040048B97201N/A46466220" Sanitary lid w/ 2" bungSEE ABOVE FOR SIZE OPTIONS263
36030013636840050B97201N/A46467020" Sanitary lid w/ 2" bungSEE ABOVE FOR SIZE OPTIONS283

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