Learn more about Water Resources Management

Learn more about Water Resources Management

Are you an architect, engineer or technologist? Need the latest industry information on stormwater management, rainwater harvesting and wastewater treatment systems? BARR can help!

We bring you the information you need with a Lunch & Learn, an informative presentation that showcases how we can help you with the industry's top water management products and systems.

Past Lunch & Learn content has included:

Municipal 2017 ISMP's: 90 % rainwater diversion/recapture/infiltration goals
ARCSA North America: Rainwater Standard Manual for green-building (ANSI-ASPE)
Low Impact Development: conventional stormwater management systems cost comparison
High Performance Stormwater Management & Rainwater Harvesting Systems: typology, products (Graf, ZCL, Norwesco), and applications such as above & belowground, detentiion/infiltration and retention/reuse (toilets, irrigation, laundry, cooling tower make up, green walls, green roofs)
Stormwater Management Innovations (EcoBloc): H25/60 ton loading, narrow profile sites, fully inspectable, 20m-14,000 m3
Case Studies: single & multi-residential, industrial, commercial, highways

Our stormwater, rainwater, and wastewater innovations Lunch & Learn will provide your development-design team with the necessary sustainable tools to enhance both buildings and site performance to conserve water. Our products and services offer a solution that's guaranteed to be long-lasting and environmentally conscious, while providing superior performance and ease of installation and use. Call us today w=to schedule a Lunch & Learn!

Request a Lunch & Learn by contacting us here.

Not interested in a Lunch & Learn? No problem! We've got an in-house team of specialists who work closely with specific stormwater management and rainwater harvesting systems to make sure that our clients are educated about the products and processes involved in installation.

Call our office today for more information! We'll refer you to our specialists and they can provide literature, case studies, project estimates, and more.

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