The Importance of Spill Control

The Importance of Spill Control

What is Spill Control?

Spill Control refers to the method of controlling spillage. More common than not, it refers to the oil, gas or petrochemical industries but can also be employed in industries such as medical, paints & coatings and many more.

Today, we'll be taking a looking at why spill control is so important in the former industries.

Reasons why Spill Control is Important

Better/Safe Workspace

The number one reason for employing spill control systems at your workplace is worker safety and trust. Having the proper equipment will not only protect your workers from any spills but also shows that your company cares and is willing to take measures to ensure the safety of its workers.

Employing Spill Control Systems also serve as a piece of mind for workers as spills are inevitable. Knowing that spills can be safely held and stored can help workers stress less and avoid accidents. Additionally, companies can see an increase in productivity as spills do not need to be immediately addressed when the proper spill control systems are installed.

Environmental Impact

A close second, environmental impact is an incredibly important reason to consider spill control systems.

Wildlife, plants, soil, groundwater, rivers and much more can all be affected by improper spill control. The impact may not be obvious immediately, but over time this neglect will impact not only wildlife and the environment but also our water and food supply.

Safer Clean Up

A little redundant, but we wanted to re-iterate the main function of these systems. Containing spills and holding

Cross Contamination

One of the most dangerous of dealing with harmful chemicals is the risk of cross contaminations. Mixing of certain chemicals can cause both environmental damages and risk the safety of all workers around said chemical.

Proper spill control system employment mitigates this completely by storing chemicals in their own containers, enabling proper disposal without the risk of mixing chemicals.

Slow Down Corrosion

Smaller spills of corrosive chemicals can also be incredibly dangerous to equipment around it. Even with the most intense maintenance / cleaning routine, constant exposure to corrosive chemicals can wear down equipment and increase risk of injury.

Legal Compliance

Many provinces/states have some sort of regulations around the storage and transporting of chemicals. Make sure you do your research on your local policies to ensure compliance.

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