4 Signs Your Septic Tank is Full

4 Signs Your Septic Tank is Full

A buildup of solids, excessive water use, and failure to pump regularly can lead to a full septic tank; leaving a septic tank until it is full can cause issues in the household and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Pro tip: those living in a cool, northern climate will have to pump their septic tank more regularly than those who live in a warmer, southern climate. This is because warm climates allow more bacteria to grow, which helps break down solids and prolongs the need to pump. Cooler climates prevent some bacteria from growing, therefore making it easier for solids to buildup quickly.

Certain daily tasks can also lead to a septic system becoming clogged or full. Excessive amounts of household chemicals, cooking fats or greases, facial wipes/tissues or baby wipes, and even coffee grounds can plug up the system. None of these materials will decompose, and should be disposed of with trash rather than down a sink or toilet. Avoiding these materials and being sure to dispose of them properly can avoid unnecessary clogging and help prolong the life of your system.

Here are some quick and noticeable signs that your septic tank is full. If you notice any of these, call a professional to have your tank and the rest of your system checked and serviced!

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