Why do we use salt brine solution over road salt?

Why do we use salt brine solution over road salt?

At BARR Plastics, we manufacture salt brine makers and containment systems for salt brine roadway de-icing solution. But why exactly have we steered in the direction of salt brine, rather than typical road salt?

Salt brine solution is a more proactive approach than road salt.

Salt brine solutions are applied prior to a storm event - that is, before ice and snow have had a chance to bond with a roadway. This helps prevent further freezing and the dangerous, icy conditions that come with dropping temperatures. Not only is salt brine application useful for dead-of-winter temperatures and snow fall, but can be used during shoulder seasons to avoid patches of freezing from dew or fog.

Brine applied to fresh snow and ice also helps break it down, breaking down the bond between the snow/ice and the roadway to make it easier to remove. The brine solution effectively works to dissolves the existing ice and snow and actively prevents re-freeze. Brine solutions will also start working right away, whereas rock salt takes time to liquify before becoming effective. Additionally, salt brine solutions are typically more effective at lower temperatures than rock salt, depending on the mix of water and liquid brine.

Salt brine solution is far more environmentally friendly than road salt.

Unsurprisingly, road salt contamination is becoming an increasingly problematic issue. A recent study published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment revealed that the considerable increases in road salt use in the United States in recent years is leading to a dramatic increase in freshwater salinity. Snowmelt and/or rain wash leftover road salt into nearby waterways, This is a huge issue because of the effect salinization and excess chloride have on the natural environment; they negatively effect organisms in freshwater, contaminate drinking water, and causes changes to the salinity of soil.

Salt brine solution, on the other hand, is comprised of a salt-and-water mixture, dramatically cutting down the amount of salt required for the anti-icing process. Less salt doesn't mean less effective, either - salt brine solution is applied to roadways before a storm event to prevent snow and ice bonding to the roads. This also cuts down the need to apply salt to roadways after a storm event, further reducing the amount of salt used overall.

Salt brine solution is cheaper to produce!

Because a salt brine solution uses more water, it's far cheaper to produce (especially in mass) than rock salt. Check out our breakdown in the infographic below!

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