Major City Roadway De-Icing Program

Major City Roadway De-Icing Program

More large cities in the Lower Mainland are taking full control of their de-cing program on the roads for this winter, using liquid salt brine for their snow and ice-fighting activities.

So with emphasis on quality, reliability and ease of implementation, it’s no surprise that another city has turned to BARR as their supplier of custom Brine Making, Handling and Applicator Equipment in order to get the job done. The all-in-one SBS750 brine system, manufactured by BARR, will not only increase safety on the roads this winter; the city will also be saving a TON of money. The city used to purchase the brine solution from a local supplier at 5 times the cost of the new system from BARR. Plus, the new brine making system from BARR is guaranteed to pay for itself in less than 3 years.

The BARR SBS750 Brine Making System produces approximately 6,000 gallons per hour of 23% salt brine solution. The system requires low maintenance, is easy to operate and has a high rate of production thanks to fast, high-flow pumping systems.

The BARR SBS750 system consists of three interconnected 6,100 gallon (23,200 L) vertical storage tanks, a 2” high flow brine pump for filing the storage tanks, two 1650 gallon self-loading brine sprayer units with 3-lane applicators and a 3” high flow brine pump for quick filling and unloading of the truck-mounted sprayer units.

All of BARR’s systems feature long-lasting durability and are corrosion-resistant. It's easy to see that they offer significant cost savings and environmental benefits for any city or organization using them.

Save the roads and you could be saving a life.

Time is running out - Call BARR Plastics today to order your custom brine making and applicating system! 1.800.665.4499

Learn more about our brine systems here: http://e-barr.com/barrbrine

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