Complete Brine Production, Storage & Handling System Overview

Complete Brine Production, Storage & Handling System Overview

Some of the largest projects we take on come from our Salt Brine De-icing Division. We design, manufacture & distribute complete Salt Brine Production & Handling Systems. Our systems are an all-in-one solution for municipalities needing high output facilities at an affordable price. Our On-Tap systems take care of production, storage, solution transfer & filling mobile applicators.

In this blog we are going to go over each step of the process and how BARR custom designed systems save Municipalities and Contractors a significant amount of time & money on winter road maintenance while helping them to keep roadways much safer and putting much less salt into the environment.

Custom Design

Each municipality has different struggles during winter season and require specific solutions. Our custom-tailored designs ensure we take every aspect into account when preparing a system for a client. From application area, salt brine solution production rate, available storage, refilling cycle time for mobile applicator units, spill containment to simplicity & reliability of use and operation and any other specifics a Municipality or Contractor may require.

Our systems are extremely efficient and simple to use, saving time, money & effort during training and operation. All systems can be constructed inside a spill containment vessel, preventing any environmental damage from a spill of highly concentrated salt brine solution.

Lastly, each section of our system is modular. Smaller municipalities can save on costs by picking specific areas of the system (or specific parts) to install, picking a solution that specifically fits their winter road maintenance needs. When required, additional components and functions can be added in for future expansion or new upgrades.

Production Systems

The first stage of our systems is production of 23% Salt Brine Solution. We offer our mobile all-in-one brine maker & applicator COMBO™ units or stand alone BLEND™ brine makers. Perfect for smaller operations and a great starting point for any contractor or municipality that is new to our salt brine anti-icing and de-icing solutions.

Available in 275, 350 & 700 USG capacities, our COMBO™ units are an economical starting point to providing all the benefits of liquid deicing to your customers.

For more demanding applications, our stand alone BLEND™ brine makers provide the highest potential production rates, available in 300 & 750 USG capacities.

Both options are fully compatible with the rest of our brine production, storage & handling system. Commonly added to both systems are add-on brine storage tanks with high-output pumps for filling and emptying.

BLEND™ Brine makers are often paired with our galvanized steel containment vessels for spill control and environmental protection.

Our production systems are perfect for contractors or smaller municipalities requiring bulk production of salt brine, but don't necessarily require large storage, high-output plumbing and spill control solutions.

Storage & Handling Systems

The second stage is our storage system. Typically included are our high-capacity salt brine storage tanks, plumbing, pumps & containment vessel. All components used in our systems are corrosion resistant that require very little maintenance.

Municipalities and contractors with existing production systems can add storage and pump systems to increase overall efficiency in their systems.

Additional storage and pumps allow the production of brine solution and the filling of applicator systems to happen simultaneously. As more production increases, additional storage tanks and pumps can be added to fill multiple applicator systems at a time.

Similar to our production systems, there are many different options and adjustments that can be made when required.

Pump Housing Systems

Our final component of our Brine production systems are our pump systems.

BARR designs and assembles a variety of high quality, high flow, reliable, packaged Pump Systems to specifically handle Salt Brine Solutions such as Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride and most commonly in 2” (approx. 100 GPM) and 3” (approx. 200 GPM) sizes.

Our systems are perfect for performing large transfers of brine solution between storage tanks, recirculation and/or mixing if necessary, and truck tank filling and emptying.

On Tap™ Pump Systems are fully sealed and constructed from high quality, rust, and corrosion resistant materials to protect pump motors from splashes of brine liquid. Additionally, our systems are fitted with high quality, durable and long-lasting fixed hose connections on outside of cabinets allowing for multiple functions and two direction pumping.

Applicator Systems

While not included in our Complete Brine Production, Storage & Handling Systems, we offer a wide variety of brine applicator systems that are all compatible with our production facilities. Our applicators keep the end user in mind and provide a safe, effective, and economic solution for roadway & parking lot de-icing.

We offer a variety of different styles, from ATV/UTV units, to dump truck assemblies. These units can also double as dust control & water transferring units during the summer.

Here's a quick look at some of our different options:

All applicators are compatible with our complete brine production systems, and are included in our calculations of how much production volume one would require. To view our complete production systems on our website, click the button below:

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