Case Study: Abbotsford Entertainment Centre

Case Study: Abbotsford Entertainment Centre

Project Team
Supplier: Barr Plastics
Installer: Saxon Mechanical Limited
Operator: The Abbotsford/ Mission Water and Sewer Services

BARR Product
Total capacity was 4000 usg. 15,100 L Narrow Pro le Rain Water Harvesting tanks with an External Optimax Filter

The Project
BARR supplied the main components and advised on the design and installation of a Rainwater Harvesting system to collect and clean rainwater to be used to create and maintain an ice surface for professional hockey. In its rst full season of use, over 1 million litres of water was collected and used from a 12,960 ft2 portion (approx. 1⁄4 of the total roof area) of the sports centre’s roof. Downspouts were diverted to the collection tank system to clean and capture 8000 gallons (30,400 L) for every 1” of rainfall from this surface area. A high volume 32 micron GRAF External Optimax Filter System from BARR rst cleans the rainwater of any visible debris and then passes through an even ner ltration system before reaching the storage tanks. The system is connected to two boilers to supply warm water to the Zamboni ice resurfacing machine. The full tanks, installed in the warm mechanical room, also absorb the ambient heat that helps to warm the water prior to entering the boilers therefore saving energy on heating the water. Global Spectrum’s Dan Rubino, (the facility operator) Director of Special Projects said the company is looking at other possible Global Spectrum - managed facilities where similar rainwater harvesting systems can be installed.

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