Ready Your Rain Barrel For Winter

Ready Your Rain Barrel For Winter

Rain collectors! Get ready for colder temperatures ahead and winterize your rain harvesting system!

If you have an aboveground system (like our rain barrels, shown here), and you want to continue using it for years to come, now is the time to take the following steps to protect it through the winter:

1. Disconnect the rain barrel from the gutter downspout.
2. Connect a temporary downspout extension to the gutter that feeds that rain barrel. Position this so that it is directing rainwater away from the house.
3. Use up or drain all water from inside rain barrel. Leftover water may freeze and crack the barrel during the winter.
4. Open the barrel’s spigot and leave open for the winter to avoid freeze damage to the hardware.
5. Rinse the interior of the barrel of any sediment build up
6. If possible, move the rain barrel to an indoor storage area to extend its life. If you must leave it outside, then be sure to turn the barrel upside down.
7. Cover your rainbarrel with a tarp for additional protection.

Source: www.fullserviceaquatics.com

Taking these important steps will protect your system from sub-zero temperatures and save you money to replace your barrel and hardware down the road.

Want to collect rainwater all year-round? BARR has plenty of options to make it possible. Check out our GRAF belowground systems, for example, here.  Having a system belowground is an efficient way to use harvested rainwater indoors and outdoors, no matter what the weather is doing day-to-day. 

And hey, if you have any more questions, that’s what we’re here for. Rain harvesting experts at BARR Plastics can be reached Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 a.m. at 1.800.665.4499 or info@barrplastics.com.

Happy Winterizing!

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