Case Study: Rainwater Harvesting Project

Case Study: Rainwater Harvesting Project

The below project was completed by our friends at Makeway Environmental Technologies, who installed a below-ground rainwater harvesting system for an off-grid, rural property owner in Lanark, ON.

The rainwater is collected off a 900 sq. ft. roof space; this project also included a heavy-duty Grundfos SBA-45 pump and Optimax filter system to complete the system. The water uses will include landscaping irrigation for the surrounding green spaces and a garage washing station.

The system provides significant long-term financial savings as well as environmental benefit. The re-purposing of rainwater offers an eco-friendly alternative to using a higher volume of pre-treated water, and offers hydro/water savings for the owner.

Check out these great photos, and visit Makeway's website here for more information on environmentally friendly water handling systems.

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