Why use IBCs?

Why use IBCs?

Indermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are a versatile tote that is perfect for a wide variety of applications. These containers have numerous advantages that make it a practical choice for your next project.

(1) Versatile

IBCs can hold a large variety of liquids, thus allowing for use in numerous industries. Water, grains, bulk foods, and even chemical liquids can be transported and stored in these containers; even aquaponics are an option with an IBC! In brand new totes, the internal bottle is made from high quality food and beverage grade certified virgin HDPE for food safety standards.

Cage totes also also easily modified to add custom valves and fittings for various uses. For example, the totes below have been fitted with pumps, valves, and hoses for firefighting purposes!

(2) Easy handling

IBCs typically have a steel, wood, or composite pallet that they sit on - this allows easy moving with a pallet jack or forklift. IBCs are also dseigned to stack safely and securely, ensuring that storage is practical and efficient. This is an important feature for commercial or industrial companies when looking to optimize warehouse, yard, or shipping space.

(3) Re-usable

With the correct sanitation processes, IBC bottles can be washed out and re-used for different materials. This is limited when it comes to transporting chemical, as even deep rinses may not remove some residues. It is recommended to keep food products and chemical separated, and consult a professional if using a rinsed or reconditioned bottle for food and beverage products to ensure food safety standards are met. If the re-used tote is appropriate for your particular use, this can save you money and is an eco-friendly option! For more information on used cage totes, visit our information page here.

(4) Cost-efficient

Shipping product in large quantities is also possible with a cage tote. Typically, these containers come in capacities of roughly 500 - 1250 Ltr (135 - 330 US gallons), allowing for bulk shipments and cutting down on shipping costs. Alternatively, the small sizes available make this a great option for shipping a wide variety of materials in smaller portions.

(5) Durable

HDPE is a long-lasting lightweight plastic that can stand up well to potential damage from weather and transport/handling. This plastic is also watertight, helping to prevent chemical spills or wasted product. The durability of this container lends itself to constant re-use and long life, making this purchase worth your while. The cages can also be reconditioned for further use if they are damaged or warped.

(6) Eco-friendly

IBCs are the perfect component in a client (or business') plan to reuse! Because of the durability of this product, along with the fact that it can be reused in a number of different ways, it cuts down on new tote production and the need to use additional containers. This saves money for the purchaser and helps the environment by encouraging container reuse! If you're looking to make your lifestyle or business more sustainable, this is a great place to start.

Contact us for more information on cage totes! We try to keep new, used, and reconditioned totes in stock for quick pickup.

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