Plastic Tanks for Agricultural Use

Plastic Tanks for Agricultural Use

The tanks pictured below are the Norwesco Narrow Profile Storage Tank, part number 42337. These tanks are 250 USG apiece and are being used for liquid fertilizer mixing and dosing. These tanks were selected specifically due to their slim design as they are being placed in a small, tight space. The fertilizer will be used in an agricultural capacity for horticultural purposes. The plant life being maintained with the fertilizer from these tanks will primarily be used as food or decoration.

This type of tank is freestanding, making it a versatile option for a project with tank placement difficulties. This tank has also been designed to fit through a conventional doorway, making it an ideal option for spaces that require the tank to be moved through buildings such as greenhouses. These types of water tanks are commonly used for water storage in several different capacities, including rainwater collection, gardening uses such as irrigation, general water storage, or fire protection.

The tanks are also ideal for potable water; they're made with FDA-approved resin that is safe for drinking water and have been made with rotationally molded polyethylene. The rotational mold created a durable and seamless product that helps avoid leakage. The resin also contains UV inhibitors to prevent damage and wear from sunlight; this is important when using the tanks for potable water purposes.

Similar versions of this tank are also available in larger capacities. Need more information? Click here to view them on our website.

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