Pasley Island Tank Delivery

Pasley Island Tank Delivery

Some great clients on Palsey Island needed to upgrade the storage capacity of their water system. BARR was able to provide x5 2500 USG tanks and x3 6000 USG black tanks, along with a variety of fittings and valves, to suit the project requirements.

The barge delivery went smoothly, and offloading the tanks was fast and efficient (thanks to help from a great crew!).

This project required tight logistics coordination to get the product from the BARR Plastics yard in Abbotsford BC, to a barge in Vancouver BC, and finally to be transported from there to Pasley Island.

A big thanks to the shipping crew for the timely delivery, and of course to our awesome sales team for coordinating with our client. Flawless logistics coordination was required to meet the barge and the tides on this tricky route, and our friends at Mercury Transport did a great job of getting these tanks to their destination.

For more information on plastic tanks and liquid handling systems, please contact us - we're always happy to provide technical advice and info.

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