Case Studies: Fire Fighting Trailer Mounted System

Case Studies: Fire Fighting Trailer Mounted System

The Challenge:
Site management company was looking for a quick response firefighting unit on standby to help combat the frequent fires (inside piles of organic waste) at an organic compost facility.

The Solution:
We designed and manufactured a custom trailer mounted firefighting unit with 1035 US Gallon capacity, with all the necessary features to make this unit a highly functional Firefighting and general water handling system.

1035 USG Elliptical Leg Transport Tank
85 PSI Honda Fire Fighting Pump
1.5” Universal Fire Hose Connections (x2)
3/4” Garden Hose Connection
3” Fire Hose Fill Valve Fitting
Lockable Equipment Box
14’ - 14,000lb Dual Axle Flat Deck Trailer
This system was designed and manufactured by BARR Plastics to the customers specification.

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