Case Study: Firefighting Flat Skid System

Case Study: Firefighting Flat Skid System

The Challenge:
Due to more frequent dry weather and forest fires in BC, a notable Forestry Management company required more fast response but economical fire-fighting equipment that would fit quickly onto their existing trucks and equipment with no significant modifications to the vehicles.

The Solution:
The customer provided us with the truck and we custom designed and manufactured a skid mounted 1035 US Gallon quick response firefighting unit with a high performance fire-fighting pump and foam injector kit.

1035 USG Elliptical Leg Tank
300 PSI Waterax High Performance Fire Fighting Pump
1.5” Universal Fire Hose Connections (x2)
2” Dust Control Spraybar System
20 USG Foam Injector Kit
Internal Baffle Ball Surge Stabilizers
This system was designed and manufactured by BARR Plastics to the customers specification.

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