Food Shipping & Storage During COVID-19

Food Shipping & Storage During COVID-19

We were recently featured with BC Food & Beverage, along with other local businesses, in discussion of how the pandemic affected operations and how we've adapted to continue meeting demand and fulfilling orders. We focused on a significant change in supplying cold food containers for shipping and storage, along with a description of the products involved. Read our submission below!

The COVID-19 crisis has set new and unprecedented challenges for food handling and processing companies to handle. The sudden increase in demand as people flood grocery stores has put a significant and impactful strain on the shipping, packaging, and handling processes that operate in the background to fill grocery store shelves.

The pictured shipment is an assortment of Saeplast D-Series and DX-Series cold storage containers. These containers are used to ship cold and frozen food items. The innovative lid design accepts a gasket to reduce liquid leakage, and all models come with at least one drain for liquid removal. All items in the series are a closed cell core design, which does not absorb liquid and optimizes hygiene in transportation situations. Bins are also kept to a meticulously maintained tare weight for easy weight verification. Temperatures within the boxes remain unaffected even though a truck may go through temperature changes. The blue colour is standard, but there are a number of other colours available as special order items; colour coordination is sometimes used to separate frozen food items for further sanitation and safety purposes.

BARR has been providing frozen food storage for many years, and we’ve recently been supplying orders from all over BC for these specialized containers; we have multiple companies running shipment trials using these containers as they work hard to fulfill orders from across the country. BARR’s admin and warehouse teams have been working hard to fulfill orders and keep up with demand as the need for safe food storage and shipment becomes more critical.

Canada’s food transportation and safety regulations have never been more important to maintain, as so many are more reliant than ever on the ability of companies to safely store and deliver food products. BARR is proud to be a part of supplying such an essential item; we continue to work hard to ensure that food transportation remains safe and sanitary in these uncertain times.

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