MacroBin Containers - The Best in Harvesting Storage

MacroBin Containers - The Best in Harvesting Storage

A long time favorite of the agriculture industry, MacroBin containers are one of the most versatile, durable yet lightweight containers in the market today.

Common Applications

Made from FDA-approved materials, these bins are made to handle up to 1,300 lbs. of product while still keeping everything fresh, un-bruised/damaged and sanitary.

Some of the frequent use cases we see these containers be applied to:
• Citrus Storage and Processing
• Tomato Storage and Processing
• Potato Storage and Processing
• Grape Storage and Processing
• Apple Storage and Processing
• Pepper Storage and Processing


MacroBins are available in a wide range of sizes, all made with:
• Impact-grade plastic
• Nonporous surfaces
• Rounded corners
• Smooth surfaces
• Ventilation slots

These bins are meant for long-term use, and require little to no maintenance. Repairs are easily done with hot air welding, and at the end of their product life, can be fully recycled to reduce environmental impact.

Additionally, the area that receives the most wear and tear - the feet of the bin- are fully replaceable. While it is not easy to remove as they are meant to be extremely stable and durable, they can be removed by the user.


When empty, MacroBin containers are extremely space efficient, with a square foot print that can nest inside itself - effectively storing three bins in the space of two.

With or without product, each bin is extremely stable and can handle stacking. Refer to each specific product for weight baring specifications.


MacroBins were designed with the logistic chain in mind. This makes MacroBin containers extremely efficient when shipping.

While we stock the most popular models of the MacroBin series, many of the options are only available in truckloads, maximizing space and getting the best bang for your buck in shipping costs.

To view all of our MacroBin options, head over to our product page.



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