IBC Tote Sloped Dispensing Stand

IBC Tote Sloped Dispensing Stand


As is common with the majority of our customers, our IBC totes can be found sitting flat while product is being dispensed. This makes sense as it saves the most amount of time for busy businesses. Ultimately, only 3-5 litres of product is left at the bottom of the tote which is either refilled or disposed of.

3-5 years ago this wasn't a huge issue, but with the constant rise of pricing on fuel and other liquid products business owners could be losing out on hundreds of dollars each week.


To tackle this specific issue, we have designed a low-profile IBC tote sloped dispensing stand that is capable of handling 1,300 kgs, corrosion and rust resistant, and is able to extract an extra 3 litres of product at the bottom of the tote.

This stand is constructed of our new favourite BARR Structural Plastic (BSP) Panels and are incredibly flexible in terms of design. In the past, we've made small projects such as planter boxes, all the way to massive Bio Filters with these panels and they continue to show their versatility every day.

This versatility allows our team to make modifications to the stand as needed on a case-by-case basis. If you are attaching a large heavy-duty hose that requires more clearance, we can raise the stand to match. Require a different amount of slope on the stand? We can change it. Require different add-ons or accessories with the stand? Give us your idea and let our custom plastic fabricators go to work.

Product Showcase Video

For those that need to see it to believe it, we have an entire product showcase on our YouTube channel. Dean walks us through the thought process that led to the creating of the stand and watch in real time how much product this stand can extract.

This is a custom product, to order please get in contact directly at:

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