Custom Berry Farm Equipment

Custom Berry Farm Equipment

It's not too late for berry harvesting equipment!

These custom berry sorting trays were completed in mid-July last season for a local farming client. The trays were designed specifically for this client based on the volume of berries they were processing and sorting. Even partway through their summer harvesting season, they made use of the custom trays for a variety of different berry harvests, such as blackberries and blueberries.

We started this custom build by measuring the volume that needed to be processed through these specific containers, while also considering where the container needed to be placed to create the perfect size. The client already had a moderately specific design in mind, which we worked with to ensure that the size would maximize the space available.

We then created the berry grate on the outside of the main basin, consisting of stainless steel prongs, as seen in the images below. This was designed and custom manufactured for this piece of equipment as well.

The particular materials that went into this piece of equipment are 1/2" HDPE marine sheet with UV protection, 3/16" HDPE welding rod, and a stainless steel custom grate. HDPE was used for this project because it's an incredibly versatile plastic. This material is lightweight but extremely durable, making this a long-lasting option that will still be easy to transport and move. HDPE is also mold and mildew resistant, and easy to keep clean and sanitized; this is extremely important in food processing of any kind. Finally, HDPE is particularly impact-resistant; in an environment where power equipment and other large pieces of equipment are operating constantly, this can help keep a safe working environment even when accidents might occur.

Interested in custom plastic fabrication? You name it, we can create it. Our team is highly skilled and experienced, working with a wide variety of materials and tools to manufacture all manner of custom solutions for our clients.

Contact us today to get more information on what we might be able to create for your business or residential need.

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