Operating our Firefighting Units

Operating our Firefighting Units

Now that summer is finally here, many of you are ready to use your brand-new FireStop firefighting unit. If this is your first time receiving a unit for us, all the different valves and hoses may be intimidating, but we have designed our units to be extremely easy to learn and use. This blog will go into the main operational guidelines you will need for any FireStop unit.

Keep in mind these are just the basics, our Custom Fabrication shop may have added a variety of different options outside of the scope of this blog. For specifics on those, please contact your dedicated sales representative.

We start with the assumption you have either purchased a trailer, or have already installed one of our skids into the vehicle you are planning to use.


Filling can be accomplished by an onboard pump, supplied, and installed by BARR or by an external water pump. Locate the 2" Auxiliary Camlock Inlet, connect with the proper hose and open the inlet valve. You can now begin filling your tank.

*We offer both onboard filling pumps, and floating suction hoses. This setup allows for filling from a nearby water source such as a lake.*

Once complete, close the inlet valve and disconnect your hose.

Pressure Pump

Now that your tank is full, it's time to start your high pressure water pump.
Ensuring your fire hose is connected and ready to go, this pump works the same as any pump, opening the fuel valve power on and begin to pull the pull cord until the pump starts.

Pressure Relief Valve

Once the pump is started, you can now begin letting water through the 2" camlock outlet, if a pressure gauge is attached, slowly open valve until desired pressure is reached.


As mentioned earlier, your unit may come with a variety of different options, the possibilities are (almost) limitless when it comes to our firefighting units. Common accessories are:

1. Garden Hose Attachment
2. Sight Tube
3. Pressure Gauges
4. 3-way Valves
5. Hangers
6. Ladders
7. Spray Bars

If you are more of a video person, check out our system overview below.





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