Reasons to Plan Your Dock Build in the Winter

Reasons to Plan Your Dock Build in the Winter

You might not think it at first, but planning the building of your dock during the winter can save you precious time when better weather comes, allowing you more time to use and enjoy your dock in the spring.

Much of the work involved in a dock renovation or new dock build is predominantly designing the dock, researching product, and ordering kits, pieces, and accessories for your dock.

Getting ahead with your planning process in the winter allows for a measured approach to the design and ability to get orders for product in before the mad rush of late winter/early spring. Read on for great reasons to get started below!

(1) Your Dock is Ready to Use in Spring

There's a lot that goes into planning and building a dock; oftentimes, the workload is a little underestimated and projects can get behind in execution even when steps are taken to avoid this. The earlier you start, the better! Avoid long wait times for product such as dock floats that might be in high demand come spring. Starting in the winter also means that you'll have an opportunity to review your designs with a professional as well, changing or modifying the direction of your design if you so choose. Cutting it close in spring time might mean that you end up rushing a project to finish on time, or delaying your deadline and not getting exactly what you want.

Having a longer process gives you ample time for all the "what-ifs" of the design, ordering, and building process. This is going to be especially important if your build is for commercial or industrial use!

(2) Increases Business & Home Value

You might be building a dock to increase the value of your home or business! In this case, again, planning is key. If you're looking into a spring or summer sale, you should absolutely get started in the winter to again get ready for any issues that might arise during the process. This will also allow you time to consult with professionals about what type of dock is going to give your home the most value increase and get you the most bang for your buck. Depending on the location, style, and property value of your home, different dock styles may work better than others. You'll also want to consider aesthetics of a dock and perhaps a professional design.

Interested in getting started? Check out our dock kits and accessories, or contact us to talk to a dock systems specialist.

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