Permaport Xpress vs. competition

Permaport Xpress vs. competition

We've had a lot of customers show interest in the new and improved Permaport Xpress, so we wanted to go over some of the reasons this port is indeed a superior choice when compared to others on the market! This personal watercraft docking system is an improvement on the existing Permaport PWC Jet Ski Dock, offering a longer-lasting and more robust port capable of handling any major PWC brand.

PermaPort PWC Port is very likely the best product of its type on the market and is priced competitively against products of lesser quality. The PermaPort is truly unmatched in looks, function, durability and lifespan. The Permaport Xpress PWC Port is in a class of its own, with increased length and buoyancy, polystyrene foam filling, improved wheels for easy-on, easy-off mounting, and more.

The Competition

Other Brands offer:

• Inferior low density polyethylene materials (possible use of recycled materials – allows cracking to occur easily on hard impact).
• No foam filling (foam adds significantly to the overall durability of the port and of course prevents sinking if damaged)
• Less weight carrying capacity for larger, modern jet skis.
• Fewer roller wheels and lower quality wheels, making the mounting and dismounting of the jet ski more difficult and wheels more susceptible to breakage.
• Few or no options for connecting/attaching ports to each other or to docks.
• Cracking and durability issues; inferior plastic materials degrade quicker and easier, leading to an ultimately lower lifespan than the Permaport Xpress
• Few or no options for connecting or attaching ports to each other or to docks or ones that have cracking & durability issues
• Poor aesthetics as compared to the very attractive Permaport Express

The Permaport Xpress

Permaport Xpress features:

• Handles most larger, modern PWCs
• Self-centering entry design for easy docking
• Mounting hardware attachment kit available for fixed or floating docks
• Rotationally molded & EPS foam filled for exceptional durability and prevention of sinking in the event that the unit is damaged
• Two colour options: tan or granite
• 14 polyurethane adjustable rollers for total on-and-off docking ease.
• Aesthetically pleasing; attractive finish and sleek design
• Bundles and accessories available to optimize your purchase and allow for customizations such as walkways or additional steps

Contact us today to place yours on order! We are expecting lead times to keep increasing - we are working hard to keep up with demand, but the sooner you order, the better. Place your order today and get your port by summertime!

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