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Standard Regulation BD Poly Salvage / Overpack Drums

Standard Regulation BD Polyethylene Salvage & Overpack Drums - Black

Standard Regulation BD Poly Salvage / Overpack Drums

Clean and remove accidental spills quickly and easily with these 100% UV-protected poly drums, capable of containing a wide range of hazardous materials, including acids, corrosives, and damaged parts.

A twist-on lid and closed gasket cell ensures leak-proof closure to keep contents secure; additionally, this drum can also be transformed into a mobile spill kit with built-in handles and wheels. Easily stack and store as bins are also nested.

Their molded area allows for easy gripping and pick-up by materials handling equipment and their ribbed design provides extra strength to the drum. These products are manufactured to meet standard regulations of most municipalities, please contact BARR to confirm that they meet the requirements or your locale.

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Part #DescriptionTop Diameter (Ext / Int)Bottom Diameter (Ext / Int)Height (Ext / Int)WeightHandling CapacitySump Capacity
1259-BD50 USG Wheeled Poly Overpack Salvage Drum24.5" / 20"24" / 17.75"45" / 34.5"40 lbs / 19 kg275 lbs / 125 kg50 gal / 190 liters
1299-BD95 USG Wheeled Poly Overpack Salvage Drum31" / 27"31" / 25"47" / 37"56 lbs / 25 kg250 lbs / 113 kg95 gal / 361 liters

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