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Banjo 3-Way Electric On / Off Ball Valves

3 way electric on / off ball valves at BARR Plastics
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Part # Size Box/Case Qty. Description
EV204SLFP2"1Full Port, On/Off, Side Load
EV204BLFP2"1Full Port, On/Off, Bottom Load
On/Off, Side Load
EV200BL2"1On/Off, Bottom Load
On/Off, Bottom Load
EV150SL1-1/2"1On/Off, Side Load
EV123SL1-1/4"1On/Off, Side Load
EV125BL1-1/4"1On/Off, Bottom Load
EV100SL1"1On/Off, Side Load
EV100BL1"1On/Off, Bottom Load
EV075SL3/4"1On/Off, Side Load
EVO75BL3/4"1On/Off, Bottom Load

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