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Baffle Balls - Liquid Surge Stabilizers

Baffle Balls Liquid Surge Stabilizers at BARR Plastics

Baffle Balls - Liquid Surge Stabilizers

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Liquid Surge Stabilizer Baffle Balls pay for themselves quickly in reduction of costly vehicle maintenance and much improved driving safety. They are made up of three similar plastic discs which rapidly lock together in assembly without any tools, fasteners, clips or other elements. By creating a hollow core spherical device with 12 flow restriction ports around each ring (36 flow restriction ports in total), the balls will not flex into submission under load. Their strong control characteristics and integral unit strength deliver complete liquid surge stabilization and stop liquid surge quickly when vehicles are turned or stopped - greatly improving safety and reducing wear and tear on braking and drive components.

Baffle Balls are compatible with all tanks: poly, aluminum, steel, fibreglass and more. They're designed for tanks with or without fixed baffles or compartments and for 16" diameter manways. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the balls are highly chemical resistant. We recommend them for use in transport tanks greater that 500 USG.

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