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Aluminum Swing Dock Ladders

Aluminum Swing Dock by BARR Plastics

Aluminum Swing Dock Ladders

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Aluminum swinging ladders come with a fixed stainless steel bolt through it which pivots in a self-lubricating brass bushing installed in the bracket for maximum wear. The ladder can be stored up and out of water (90°) and features a "quick" release pin to lock in the upright position. Alternatively, the ladder section can be removed (leaving mounting brackets bolted to deck) to prevent theft when away. Perfect for keeping side rails and steps clean and avoiding marine growth.

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Part # / Model Size(in) [LxW] Description Weight (lbs)
SWL-350 x 21Swing Ladder - 3 Step23
SWL-462 x 21Swing Ladder - 4 Step26
SWL-574 x 21Swing Ladder - 5 Step29
SWL-686 x 21Swing Ladder - 6 Step32
SWL-798 x 21Swing Ladder - 7 Step35

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