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Aluminum Safety Cleats

Aluminum Safety Cleats for Docks at BARR Plastics

Aluminum Safety Cleats

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The perfect addition to your dock for safe and practical operation. Never stub toes again with aluminum safety cleats - these cleats lay down flat when not in use avoid sharp edges with a rounded corner design. Almag 35, a true marine grade aluminum, makes these cleats extremely durable and resistant to corrosion.

Cleats can be bolted from the top and use 3/8" fasteners (not included).

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Part # / Model Size (in) Description Weight (lbs)
C-SFTC-6 6Grey Aluminum Safety CleatN/A
C-SFTC-6W 6White Aluminum Safety CleatN/A
C-SFTC-6B 6Black Aluminum Safety CleatN/A
C-SFTC-8 8Grey Aluminum Safety CleatN/A
C-SFTC-8W 8White Aluminum Safety CleatN/A
C-SFTC-8B 8Black Aluminum Safety CleatN/A

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