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"Wave Defender" Wave Attenuators

"Wave Defender" Wave Attenuators

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Wave attenuators are the perfect solution for fuel dock systems. Roto molded floats are better-suited to this application than concrete, as any fuel spilled into the water can seep through concrete and destroy the inner foam and ruin buoyancy. These floats are easy to install and are highly cost effective compared to concrete systems. Installing wave attenuators avoids additional man hours, crane use/rental, and truck use/rental that are required with a concrete system installation.

Wave attenuators also add stability to a dock system, especially in high winds.

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Part # Description Dimensions (in) Buoyancy (lbs)
RP3420DFFWave Defender Float - Foam Filled 36" x 48" x 20"1088
RP3420DFMTWave Defender Ballast - Empty Float 36" x 48" x 20"N/A

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