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Self Dumping Hoppers

Self Dumping Hoppers

Self Dumping Hoppers

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Roto-molded from FDA approved polyethylene, these carts feature large rubber recessed wheels and swivel casters to ensure easy manoeuverability. They're also nestable to minimize shipping and storage costs.

TechTrucks Heavy Duty

The heavy duty version of the TechTruck features higher placed molded handles on cart for improved ergonomics. The double walled top increases both durability & lifespan dramatically while the swivel casters improve stability. Additionally, their molded collar eliminates frame cost and delivery problems.

Self Dumping Hoppers

Made from heavy duty rotot-molded polyethylene, all Self Dumping Hoppers feature a manual pull-release safety latch that relatches when empty. 6" phenolic casters are available.

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Item / Description Capacity Width (in) OD / ID Length (in) OD / ID Height (in) OD / ID Handle Part # / Drawing
Cubic Feet Lbs/Kgs
17 Cubic Ft. TechTruck
17400 / 181
30 Cubic Ft. TechTruck
30500 / 227356340Molded Polyethylene441LT
40 Cubic Ft. TechTruck
40600 / 272
437750Molded Polyethylene460LT
TechTrucks Heavy Duty
17 Cubic Ft. Heavy Duty TechTruck
17800 / 363
295838Molded Polyethylene420C
30 Cubic Ft. Heavy Duty TechTruck
301200 / 544
366842Molded Polyethylene441C
40 Cubic Ft. Heavy Duty TechTruck
401500 / 680
448150Molded Polyethylene460C
Self Dumping Hoppers
17 Cubic Ft. Heavy Duty Dumping Hopper
17900 / 408
30 Cubic Ft. Heavy Duty Dumping Hopper
301000 / 454

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