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Saeplast Plastic Pallets

Saeplast Plastic Pallets

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Constructed of durable polyethylene, Saeplast pallets represent a secure investment for both transportation and storage requirements. Flexible in design, hard-wearing and easy to clean, they are an ideal replacement for wooden pallets, with all their inherent disadvantages. Easily handled by pallet jack or forklift. Saeplast pallets come in flat-top or raised-lip versions and include features such as easy stackability and a non-skid rough surface (flat-top only) for added safety.

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Part # Size (LxWxH) Weight (lbs/kg) Description
DP40F48" x 40" x 6.6"48.4 / 22Flat Top Plastic Pallet
DP40R48" x 40" x 6.9"48.4 / 22Pallet w/ 1/2" Ridged Edge & Slots
DP40RB48" x 40" x 6.9"48.4 / 22Pallet w/ 1" Ridged Edge & Slots
DP40C48" x 40" x 6.5"48.4 / 224 way Rackable Pallet
DP40L48" x 40" x 6.4"48.4 / 224 way Rackable Pallet