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Payloader IBC Tote

Payloader IBC Tote

Payloader IBC Tote

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The new 40" x 48" payloader IBC tote allows more tanks per load in both trailers and sea containers , lowering inbound freight costs. Totes are also stacking compatible with one-way cage and other 40" x 48" IBC totes. Stacking capacity is 2-3 units high.

Features Include:

  • More secure stacking with molded-in corner posts
  • More durable, longer lasting rotational molded base design
  • Superior 2" Sii valve connection
  • Faster, more complete drainage
  • FDA compliant polyethylene resin
  • 4-way pallet entry with optional anti-teeter straps on front and back
  • Calibration marking in Gallons and Liters on front and back
  • Designed for UN31H2 for Packing group II and III materials per Title 49 CFR
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Part # / Model Description Capacity USG (litres) Tare Weight lbs (kg) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
No. of Units per 53' trailer
6998300B97204 40 x 48 New Payloader IBC - 275 USG275 (1000)228 (103)48" (1120)40" (1000)52.3" (1328)60 units
6998200B9720340 x 48 New Payloader IBC - 330 USG330 (1250)250 (113)48" (1120)40" (1000)30.6" (1531)50 units*

*Top row stacked on side.


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