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Leaf Eater Slimline

Leaf Eater Slimline

Leaf Eater Slimline

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A sleek, streamlined rain head with an anti-splash cover, the Leaf Eater Slimline is ideal for decks, verandas, posts and aesthetically-sensitive homes. The Slimline collects leaves and debris inside the anti-splash cover, avoiding an accumulation on debris on your deck, patio, or other areas. A red overflow flag appears automatically when the rain head needs emptying/cleaning. Simply empty it and reset.

With its mosquito-proof 955 micron stainless steel screen, the Leaf Eater Slimline stops leaves, debris, mosquitoes and other pests from getting into your downpipes and rain harvesting system.

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RHSL1013" & 4"63" & 4" (SCH40 & SDR35 fitment) Leaf Eater Slimline

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