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Leaf Eater Commercial (Steel)

Leaf Eater Commercial (Steel)

Leaf Eater Commercial (Steel)

Web Id: RHCL22

A metal rain head designed for commercial applications that can handle high flow rates and water volumes while keeping leaves, debris and mosquitoes out of downpipes and Rain Harvesting systems. These rain heads are purpose-built for commercial applications and can handle flow rates up to 17 litres per second.

This metal rain head can be easily painted to suit any building’s colour scheme and incorporates 0.955mm stainless steel mosquito proof mesh.

Using quality rainwater can help you save significantly on your building’s operating costs. Incorporating a commercial rain head can help to keep your rainwater harvesting system free of leaves, debris and pests.

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RHCL226"6" (SCH40 & SDR35 fitment) Leaf Eater Commercial (Steel)

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