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Leaf Beater

Leaf Beater

Leaf Beater

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This Rain Head incorporates a VH Pivot outlet that swivels to suit vertical or horizontal downpipes. Pivot the outlet to suit vertical or horizontal (rear outlet) downpipes enabling a variety of installation options in one product, for instance in a tight space under a low set fascia.

Thanks to its mid-size body, the Leaf Beater can be easily installed in tight spaces. The patented swivelling VH Pivot™ also facilitates installation on horizontal pipes, reducing splashing as the rain head is closer to your gutters than it would be if it was installed on a 90 degree bend pipe.

The Leaf Beater’s mosquito-proof 955 micron stainless steel screen keeps leaves, debris, insects and animals out of your downpipes, protecting your rainwater quality by reducing contamination, discolouration and sediment in the water you capture. The self-shedding screen ensures leaves don’t obstruct the flow of water into your pipes, while the VH Pivot™ facilitates minimal splashing regardless of whether you install it on your vertical or horizontal downpipes. Together, these features help you capture more water.

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Part # Fits Downspout Size Box/Case Qty. Description
RHLB214"4Leaf Beater - 4" Downspout Clean Shield w/ VH Pivot
RHLB972" x 3"4Leaf Beater - Fits 2" x 3" Rectangular Downspout

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