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Browse our industrial projects below. For more information on any of these projects or the products involved, please contact us.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

The industrial wastewater treatment systems below have been built using a combination of GRAF Wastewater Treatment Systems, Septic Sewage & Holding Tanks, Pump Chambers & Lifts Stations and more.

Alpha Mechanical - Seaspan Wastewater Treatment Plant

System: Snyder Industrial Plastic Tanks

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Stormwater Managment Systems

This industrial stormwater management system was constructed using the EcoBloc Maxx Stormwater Bloc System.

Kanaka Industrial Park, Maple Ridge

Loading: 60t/HS-25 | System size: 76' X 23' 7" (23.3 m x 7.7 m) | Roof size: 20,000 ft² | Volume: 14,430 USG (62.68 m³/65,979 L)

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