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E.SYBOX Mini 3

E.SYBOX Mini 3

E.SYBOX Mini 3

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Horizontal, vertical or walls, e.sybox mini3 can be installed virtually anywhere inside or outside the home. The new component architecture and the new ergonomic design make it so compact that it can be installed nearly anywhere. It guarantees a reduction of at least 30% in size compared to any other traditional system.

Thanks to inverter technology, once you have set the desired pressure, e.sybox mini3 maintains a constant pressure to all the water outlets served. With the exception of the suction tubes and delivery, it doesn't require and additional components for its installation.

LCD 70X40 high-resolution adjustable to adapt readability at various installations. The intuitive interface gives access to all the information and to customize the main settings depending on the specificity of the application.

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Part # Description Operating Range Max Suction Depth Max Pressure Max Settable Pressure Max Ambient Temp.
60188927E.SYBOX Mini 3capacity up to 22gpm (80L/min); head up to 183 ft (56) - (80 psi)26 ft (8 m)108 psi (7.5 Bar)79 psi (5.5 Bar)+122°F (+50°C)


Part # Description Dimensions (in)
60161442 (Esywall)) Kit complete with brackets, screws, dowels and two anti-vibration feet for
absorption of vibrations.

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