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Dust Control Spray Applicator Systems

Complete Dust Control Spray Application Systems by BARR Plastics

Dust Control Spray Applicator Systems

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BARR designs, manufactures and distributes truck mounted dust control and wet down spraying systems that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our systems can be set up to be overhead lift, forklift and self-loading, making them ideal and economical for building and road construction companies,  mining,  forestry, powerline and utility construction and roadway maintenance operations.

Our skidded tanker units are designed to be used with your existing flat deck and dump box trucks and trailers, so a dedicated tanker truck is not needed, thereby avoiding costly water hauling contracts.

BARR self-contained tanker units include the whole tank and pressure spraying system all on a fully portable skid-mounted unit that can easily be loaded on and off your vehicles.

Included as standard features, our water and brine handling spraying systems include separate pump suction and discharge ports so they can be used for a variety of other value-added functions such as general water transfer and hauling,  water and liquid transfer from one source to another,  wash-down, spot area wetdown by hose,  fire fighting,  plant and tree watering and more.

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