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DS800 Non-Insulated BIn

Web Id: 1879

Pallet-sized, lightweight and double-walled, these containers are specifically engineered for pickling, storing, refrigerating and transporting wet or dry goods. The floor is sloped for maximum drainage and a slot is provided for a plug while not in use. The exterior design enables secure maneuverability by both pallet jack and forklift, and is suitable for multi-level stacking, with or without lids. The containers can also be three-packed for easy return.

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Item / Description Capacity Width (in) OD/ID Length (in) OD/ID  Height (in) OD/ID Material Part # / Drawing
USG LTR Cubic Feet Lbs/Kgs
DS800 Non-Insulated Bin
184.370925132 / 6042.4 / 39.547.4 / 44.934.4 / 27.9PolyethyleneDS800
Non-Insulated Lid for DS800N/AN/AN/A14.3 / 6.543483PolyethyleneDS800L