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Custom Heavy Duty Plastic Pump & Sump Chambers

Custom Heavy Duty Plastic Sump and Pump Chambers by BARR Plastics Custom Fabrication

Custom Heavy Duty Plastic Pump & Sump Chambers

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Minimize work on site with our pre-packaged heavy duty plastic systems. Capacities range from 30" diameter and approximately 100 gallons up to 48" diameter and approximately 1000 gallons. A variety of features and fixtures are available such as bottom anti-floatation flanges, threaded, slip and stub style fittings in plastic or stainless steel, rubber pipe seals, lid and hatch options; and all internal fixtures, pumps, fittings, piping and controls.

If you prefer to handle your own assembly and installation, we can supply you with a complete package of all the components required. Up to 2" pump systems are currently available.

Call BARR Plastics today for quotations and recommendations for custom configured simplex and duplex pump chambers and lift stations.

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