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Bulk Dry Goods Storage Silos

Bulk Dry Goods Storage Silos

Bulk Dry Goods Storage Silos

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These 100% HDPE bulk storage silos come in a variety of diameters and sizes up to 1000 cubic feet with standard cone slopes of 45 and 60 degrees. The one-piece solid construction of the silos provides superior resistance to environmental elements and stress cracking, with minimum wall thickness of 1/2" all the way around.

The silos feature an ultra smooth and durable interior surface, top lifting ears for crane and hoist hook attachments, seismic tie down lugs, and large molded flat areas to accommodate a variety of top mounted fittings & accessories. There is also the option of adding a OSHA approved ladder assembly to the silo.

Silos are rated for 100 lbs per cubic foot, and are not ideal for storing grains. For ideal grain storage, please see Cone Bottom Polybins.

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Item / Description Capacity Dia. (in) Length (in) Height (in) Material Part # / Drawing
Cubic Feet
45° Discharge Angle Silo13064N/A120POLYETHYLENE5000
45° Discharge Angle Silo20064N/A158POLYETHYLENE5010
45° Discharge Angle Silo30090N/A160POLYETHYLENE5100
45° Discharge Angle Silo50090N/A214POLYETHYLENE5180
45° Discharge Angle Silo75090N/A287POLYETHYLENE10024
45° Discharge Angle Silo95090N/A315POLYETHYLENE7260
60° Discharge Angle Silo32590N/A193POLYETHYLENE10025
60° Discharge Angle Silo52590N/A248POLYETHYLENE10026
60° Discharge Angle Silo80090N/A322POLYETHYLENE10027
60° Discharge Angle Silo100090N/A377POLYETHYLENE10028

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