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Bulk Boxes

Bulk Boxes

Bulk Boxes

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Standard Bulk Boxes

Available in black or blue, these containers are perfect for standard manufacturing applications with superior product protection up to 2,500 lbs. These bulk boxes feature two drop doors for quick access, snap-lock latches for easy set-up or knock-down and reinforced legs for maximum durability. Their interlocking side panels form continuous reinforcing ribs for strength and a four-way forklift entry allows for easy movement. Plus, their structural foam construction gives long service life.

Heavy Duty Bulk Boxes

The heavy duty version of our bulk boxes, available in black, blue and light grey, has structural foam that allows for support up to 2,500 lbs. The boxes' reinforced base with three steel runners adds to long-term durability. Interlocking side panels form continuous reinforcing ribs for strength and four-way fork entry allows for easy handling.

Extended Length HD Bulk Boxes

The extended length of these black heavy duty bulk boxes allows for holding & storage of extra large/long parts. The extra-long drop doors provide quick, easy access to contents. The unique reinforced design delivers secure rigid stacking and the solid one-piece base allows for handling any load up to 2,000 lbs.

The containers' long side walls collapse first to prevent wall bowing in storage and their spring-loaded latches make assembly and knock-down easy. Optional steel hit plates deflect fork tines to prevent spearing.

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Item / DescriptionCapacityWidthLengthHeightMaterialTare Weight (lbs)
Part # / Drawing
Cubic FeetLbs/Kgs
Standard Bulk Boxes
Standard Bulk Box
42.52500 / 1134454834Polyethylene122
Heavy Duty Bulk Boxes
Heavy Duty Bulk Box
372500 / 113439 3/447 5/833 7/8PolyethyleneN/ABH48403420
Heavy Duty Bulk Box
212500 / 113444 5/847 5/834PolyethyleneN/ABH48453420
Extended Length HD Bulk Boxes
Extended Heavy Duty Bulk Box
612000 / 9074864 1/234PolyethyleneN/ABS64483411


Description Dimensions (in)
Tare Weight Part #
Lid for BS48453420 (Standard Bulk Box)49462N/ATS48450300
Lid for BH48403420 (Heavy Duty Bulk Box)48 3/440 7/162 1/8N/ATH484002001
Lid for BH48453420 (Heavy Duty Bulk Box)48 1/445 1/41 1/4N/ATH484502001