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Brine Spray Applicator Systems w/ Flat Skids

Brine Spray Applicator Systems w/ Flat Skids

Brine Spray Applicator Systems w/ Flat Skids

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Take your brine solution to the streets with our flat skid tanker asemblies. Tanks range from 50 to 5,025 gallons to be placed on flat-deck trucks or trailers. Designed with forklift pockets, the custom units can be loaded with a forklift from the side or rear. While these sprayer units are mostly designed for application of roadway de-icing, anti-icing and dust control solutions, they are also configured with auxillary 2" pump suction and discharge ports with their own shut-off valves so that these tanker assemblies may be used year-round for water hauling and transfer, wash-down, fire-fighting, plant watering, etc.

For more information on our Brine Spray Applicator, Dust Control and Multi-Purpose Water Handling Systems, please contact us directly at 1-800-665-4499 or fill out and submit our online inquiry form.

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  • Made from all quality, corrosion resistant, durable components.
  • Pump options include commercial Honda gas powered with polypro pump head, hydraulic powered cast iron and polypro pump heads and 12V diaphragm pumps for smaller lower flow anti- icing units (ie: 50 - 525 gal.)
  • Optional flow meters are available to connect to computer cab controls in order to regulate application rates and control hydraulic pump systems.
  • Spray bars are a separate item from the tank assembly (but are included in package) and are mounted to their own steel frame, commonly attached to the truck or trailer via a connection just like a hitch receiver. Single and three-lane spray bar assemblies available.
  • 12 volt electric actuated, on/off ball valves are provided to operate the spray bars - one per bar.
  • A variety of spray tip patterns are available such as straight stream, fan spray, and hollow cone
  • Spray rate depends on the solution being used.

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