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BVP Automatic Sump & Effluent Pump

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BVP Automatic Sump & Effluent Pump

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This heavy duty submersible pump is ideal for drainage and emptying applications. Pump dirty water containing particles with maximum diameters up to 1.5". The pump is made of anti-corrosive and rust-proof materialsl, with a wear-resistant shaft and impeller. Plus, it comes equipped with an excellent motor cooling system, featuring thermic overload protection.

The pump comes with a power cable and plug, self-sealing fitting and a 4-step fitting. It also features a float switch for auto cut-off.

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Part # / Model Motor Type & HP Max. PSI / Head Max. Flow Capacity Inlet / Outlet Size Liquid Temp. Electrical
Seal Type Pump Housing Solid Handling Impeller Type Power Cord
US5300013/4 HP15.6 PSI / 36'88 GPM1.5" FPTYes1000WN/AN/AYes (Up to 1.5")N/AYes

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